Teddy Faley

She said
Why don't you buy us a drink, she said
I said your neck smells like yesterday's breath
and you should get that Checked
Plus those bracelets is handcuff cold
And they dangle from a wrist that no one wants to hold
They bang you from the back cause they don't like your front
Cause you front
Cause you just another bar slug with a buzz
Thats talks karma but gonna drive home drunk like all month
Get the fuck out my face you cunt
Get back at him?
Has no one told you hoe, that nose is Patch Adams
I linger on that point like yo, it’s so massive
The kind I could crawl inside and take naps in
What happened
I'm just joking
But you had to had to butt your nose in
So buy me shots or follow where that nose went
She’s our Toucan Sam
She brought us shots of tequila and we all shook hands and said

I don't even really like tequila
She don't even really like tequila
He don't even really like a tequila
But we all drink it

That’s a she thing
And you a you thing
She a bee sting
You a shoestring
He’s all ‘wait I been hoodwinked’
I'm like “nah homeboy that's just how she do things”
You at the bar, bitter cause broads on par with you wanna
barter for dark liquor before your parts’ in her
& it's not her fault you bent like car fender &
Gave all your money to the bartender
But I know what you was thinkin’
‘We gon get to drinking
She gon see that I ain't like them other dudes she link with
I'll tell her that she's worth it
She'll show me all her secrets & ask me how my weeks been
I'll tell her how my week went!
All this and for some ol chicken you ain't meet yet
No wonder why they treat you like a reject
You ain't no nice guy finishing last
You a nice try now gimmie some cash
& the most expensive tequila you have


from My Favorite Day Parade, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Teddy Faley
Vocals by Teddy Faley
Scratches by DJ Addikt


all rights reserved



Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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