Loaded Weapon

from My Favorite Day Parade by Teddy Faley



They like “Teddy where the hell's your record”
I'm like “Hold up for a second, I'm a loaded weapon”
With a loaded weapon, investigating my frame of reference
Focused best on benzedrex & epinephrine
All my friends left me dolo on that night in question
So I been solo but for Cubbiebear & AddiKt brethren
That's the lesson, life can get mad depressing
It taxes friendships and bites with the snap of vengeance
And so I smile while I spiral down impossibly slow
You want that naked desperation?
It's gotta be Bones
I like my milk on the floor, my sword in the stone
And taking Gus to spoon throw at the fork in the road
Borderline the only kinda only kinda torture I know
Got my future by the throat though
That's morbid I know
The more that know, the more that I don't
I bum cigarettes to homeless cats and ask where they go
Uh uh, actually go
Time's escape hatch don’t latch when it close
I used to be afraid my past self would follow me home
What's so familiar?
I hit the lottery though
Just couldn't fit the oversized check inside of my nose
Yes sir
How much did he do?
Yes sir
I think that he’s dead
There's no no hope for anyone and god ain't your friend
He cracks crumbs out the penniless and laughs at the dead

We miss you so much Josh


from My Favorite Day Parade, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Teddy Faley
Vocals by Teddy Faley
Scratches by DJ Addikt
Featuring audio from the Uhh Yeah Dude podcast


all rights reserved



Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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