Karot Soup (feat. A​-​Class)

from My Favorite Day Parade by Teddy Faley



I was at the two car garage with the rock metal heavy band
Living so illegal like a Mexican
I was in the Chevy van
Your girl had an uneven metric tan

Teddy Faley
An uneven metric tan?

Yeah that shit was heaven ham
Hold her with the heavy hand
I was in the regiment

Teddy Faley
I was in the bathroom of the Bennigans, waitin' on a diet coke & venison
Hoping they don't notice that I snuck my whiskey in again
I kick the flask, then I holler at Class - he said

I drowned in bottle or glass, swallowed it fast

Teddy Faley
I was at the art store, finding me some art for
Artistic endeavors that I measure by the dartboard
Wanted to be a star but got tangled in the harpsichord
Now I’m hardly in the mental space to grace you with an art form

Space like traits of Star Wars
I was in a space you could park four cars
I’m a carnivore connoisseur
I was in the corner store
Y'all are fresh to death I’m the coroner

Teddy Faley
Or I'm so alive it's an enormous chore
Working through my warped in inner corridors
More in tune with stoic fascinations & the more obscure

I was on 44th, drinking on a dewars and chloroform
Sharp like a thorn on the forest floor

Teddy Faley
Or or the horns on a cornish boar

Or my speech, I’m a orator

Teddy Faley
Morphine and horse in the form of a gorgeous snort
I'm on my bullshit, ain't no one important more

I was at the Source Awards
Videos display poison like Bell Biv Devoe
I was at the Cinema Dome in suede indigo
I’m at the dinner show, you in the kitchen hoe

Teddy Faley
I was at ya homie house, hungry with the munchy mouth
Cheese and toast bologna route & lemme get that sobe now
Feet up on his only couch, like I'm the king of chillin out

At the Lambs Club trying to battle Zakarian
I was at the bar it was bavarian
That was very thin how I carried him
Your chick’s got a chest that I could fit 2 canaries in
I was at the Planetarium

Teddy Faley
I was into various scary shit
Bloody Mary mirror game game & something nefarious
I was embarrassed and opened to my therapist

Was it an experiment?

Teddy Faley
No, I'm American

I was in Maryland at the Marriott, sharper than an arrowhead
Nicer than sharing inheritance

Teddy Faley
I was your parents taking real good care of them
Made em carrot soup and herring over asparagus

Well the next day they got very sick
Their stomach linings teared and ripped
And they both re-married quick

Teddy Faley
Well it wasn't the asparagus

I was at the rap show, hat low
Bitches trying blow like they played with Satchmo

Teddy Faley
I was at the jack store, looking for some newports and fire sticks
Feeling sorta open like my iris’

I was in the eye of the tidal shift
Scoping like I focus & rifle kit

Teddy Faley
While I was still at home getting nice as shit
Whiskey wonderland, I wander abyss
Pondering the problems of the handsome rich
I’m on some shit, classy get your boy I'm on my drunk tip

Alcoholic 1 fifth, shots like a gun with a snub tip
I saw your chick & then I cuffed it
Take her breath away where the lung ends

Teddy Faley
I was at the place where I do stuff doin it/
Swinging 8 balls in my tube socks super quick

I was at the dewdrop future mix Boombox with a Tupac duplicate

Teddy Faley
A Tupac duplicate


from My Favorite Day Parade, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Teddy Faley
Vocals by Teddy Faley
Vocals by A-Class
Scratches by DJ Addikt


all rights reserved



Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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