Teddy Faley

I never told a soul
Built walls that hold they secrets kept
I let the spaces in between the planets rest, and Venus wept
Mars collapsed, Saturn slept, Pluto took his ball and left
I stayed behind and tried to think of every time I wasn't dead
But couldn't hold a candle to the sun, we work for different sides
But in a different life I bet we'd ride
I'd let him shine, he'd let me burn to death
I booked a flight that left so early by the time she packed my bags I’d left
Paid my debts when no one’s out
Said Gus, we’re off to Baltimore
May everything behind us drown
Shoulda specified that a metaphor

On top my rickety throne, I throw stones of trickery low
Cleverly hidden from any window that aint never been closed
Hell of a goal
Son of a bitch
Speak of the devil
Whisper the wind
Later that day I was found with a mouth full of pills
And a handwritten note that said ‘no defense’
Stone, gristle folds in my skin like a broke syringe
I'm growing more concerned and less aware
Each step I take there's twelve to spare

More concerned and less aware
Now every step’s a broken ankle
Every healthy friend one diagnosis from some shit that’s fatal
Every family dinner one car crash away from all alone
More concerned with how I got here
Less concerned with where to go

Old in tone & shape but makes for good talks
& provoking statements but click here for your top ten reasons to walk
Number five will claw your fucking eye out
Nine has mothers horrified
Sixty six percent’s one quarter sure they're one in twenty five
But it’s the drugs dummy
I keeps a jacket
On a hoodie
On a t shirt
On a coward
Wearing gloves
And no one runs from me
It’s my Favorite Day Parade, it numbs your tongue funny
All my neighbors think I'm great but both my lungs bloody
With my apathetic haze they get no fucks from me
When Saturn finally wakes & gets my blood pumping


from My Favorite Day Parade, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Teddy Faley
Vocals by Teddy Faley
Scratches by DJ Addikt


all rights reserved



Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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