Better Person

from My Favorite Day Parade by Teddy Faley

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I wanna be a better person, never found they bitter faces
Tried to live in cursive, couldn't breathe inside the matrix
That's my stupid silly human don't you know better
No sweater, out in the snow weather and I'm feeling cold, next to
better people.
I'm trying to be those better people but
There's no god for atheists to speak to
So i'm
drinking, finding pills
drinking, finding pills
sinking, dying and I'm
Pining till it eats me
Climb into a pint of something creepy
Driving home blinded by the silence in my thinking
I could be your best friend, get settled for the evening
I'll be here until you aint
Or i steer into the paint
Or my liver can't digest that shit i slip into my drinks
I'm on some who'd of thunk it boring to be giving fair warning, huh?
I've spent all morning up
All of these recordings suck
Who the fuck i'm kidding, I aint half the man i once was
So I'm sitting at the bar in charm city like
Darlin’ I'm a rapper and some people really dig me
She offers me a water and asks if I'm feeling dizzy
Actually I am thanks for asking you're really pretty
See, I've been suffering from an addiction and it grips me
In its clutches and it sucks and I wondered if you could fix me?
Darlin i'm a rapper and some people really dig me-
Uh wait, um, excuse me I got someplace to be

I wanna be a better person
By that I mean I'm close to perfect
A handsome devil, and good fellow
By my own assertion
Broads think I'm peachy keen, and ain't no guy as fly as me
Dudes be like "he's pretty cool, I'd like to buy that guy a drink"
If I decide my appetite's too filthy to appease, then please trust me
I've already come to terms with what that means
And I plan accordingly.
As out of sorts is sorta my thing
The more I force in some order, the more disorder I bring
I'm in the driver's seat, upside down, hit a few trees
That seems a momentary thing, as now I'm back on the street
Trying to light a cigarette while some dude's screaming his head off
“You're covered in fucking gasoline, you'll burn yourself to death boss”
If you play your cards right, an ace up your sleeve, will spade the
heart of any joker trying to live like a king
Or bring silence to a soldier at his moment to sing
I'm sick of living everyday like I aint posing my strings
Or in control of the thoughts of the way the sober me thinks
I shoot for salt of the earth
I pepper drugs in my drinks
I tried to bury my past
I bought a shovel and map
Then dug a hole so big I couldn't climb back out of the grass
I can't be trusted no more
I forced the border too much
Let the forces run they course of disproportionate touch
Been a sad case statistic since I flipped it on some different shit
I'm speaking for myself
Not the cats that witnessed it

Let's get it poppin'


from My Favorite Day Parade, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Teddy Faley
Vocals by Teddy Faley
Scratches by DJ Addikt


all rights reserved



Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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