Beach Chair

from My Favorite Day Parade by Teddy Faley



Teddy Faley

You best to put that bourbon in the brown
I’m on the better part of barely slept since I first come to town
When they found me they said I had said
“I'm sorry that I'm subtle, but I'm trying to be trouble
I don't want no help, no fuck you”

I been a better buddy to my enemies than friends
So I'm searching for the greenest grass, hoppin me a fence
With apologies to none of y'all, I'm properly convinced
That I got every right to act as spiteful as I wanna get
I know that ain't endearing, but it is, because it ain't
I'm fishing for my fan base out the pond you fuckers drink
Wobble home sauced, lost in my own thing
It's often me vs me, and the loser can't sleep
And the winner gets to watch him try
Laugh and point
Dollar sign
That's the point
Yo can't shut his eyes, they’re like entire skies
He picks a nice surrounding, when I found him it was fireflies
Said he’s waiting on a train that never came and couldn't die
I wish I knew him then
You wish you knew him now
There's a pistol in his mouth

And when the rules are use the tools you got then who looks foolish now
When my old crippled ass is limpin past y'all, handin' out some pounds
I’m on some... who the fuck cares, I'm just glad to be here
Running through my 7 deadly sins lookin for leap years
That's asking for trouble, shoulda settled for my 3 cheers
I'm only here a couple moments homie
No beach chair


from My Favorite Day Parade, released July 4, 2019
Produced by Teddy Faley
Vocals by Teddy Faley
Scratches by DJ Addikt


all rights reserved



Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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