Apple Juice

by Teddy Faley

Apple Juice 01:30
Interlude 01:14
Smile 03:33


J.R. -
April 19, 2009
This album is a reflection of the man behind it. Concepts that are conventionally important may be addressed by Teddy’s lyrics, but his approach is unique to his experiences and therefore, yeah, it’s honest. Apple Juice focuses on resisting an external world of directed materialism and personalities tainted by that influence.  That resistance is characterized by his sense of humor, which lyrically skips along holding hands with his frustrations. Teddy’s raps are raw, with every gasp for breath left as audible punctuation for his emotionally charged confessional cadence. His production style shows chopped and screwed influences, and sample choices which aren’t trite or obviously borrowed from someone else. Teddy’s backing music isn’t poppy: it mostly serves to emphasize the tone of his metaphorically-laced lyrics.
J.R. -
April 19, 2009


released January 13, 2010

Apple Juice... maybe you'll dig.

It is completely produced, mixed, recorded, and mastered by myself.

It's my first release under the Rape label that myself and Cubbiebear started, and the second release in the label's short history, the first being Cubbiebear's "The Rape".

There are ten tracks on the e.p., making it the longest e.p. ever in history, a status that I am immensely proud of, even though I have no idea if it's actually true, due to the fact that I just made it up.

The tracklisting is as follows (included is a breakdown behind the meaning to every song (confined to two words, because in the actual songs I go on and on and on and on about who gives a fuck?)

1. Apple Juice - stole sample
2. Darwin Complex - cool name
3. Well - really, again?
4. Been Had Been - bye lyssa
5. Interlude - skip this
6. Skinned Knees - rappers=babies
7. 80 Proof Beautiful - rapperteddy=notbaby
8. Straw Man Argument - love lawen
9. Smile - born 22
10. Apple Juice Reprise - definitely drunk

I hope everyone who downloads this record enjoys it (although thats a crazy thought, that EVERY person would enjoy it... I think its a safe bet that there will be at least one person who doesn't like it, so ill hope for that, that there's only one person that doesn't like Apple Juice in the whole world, to play it safe.)

For the direct help I have gotten for this record I would like to thank Cubbiebear, Jason Maeser, DJ Addikt, Xero, Oz, J.C. Daughaday, Deacon, Katie Eltz, Lawen, Ellet, and everyone who unwillingly wound up on the record cuz i b rekordin all shystee.

Also thanks to every Rape supporter out there, you all make this very, very fun to do.

I'm planning on putting out more "Juice" records in the near future.

Although I'm thinking of maybe making them all "Apple" records.

We'll see.



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Teddy Faley Baltimore, Maryland

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